Nyuck nyuck nyuck?

This person here? Yeah, that's me. Call me Scrib. (Yes it's a weird picture. I also happen to love it, so shut your face.)

This here is my personal-website-cum-allpurpose-sharing-site. Here you can find stories, games, art, blog posts, whatever it is that I feel a need to create. Eventually, there'll be a video greeting of some sort on this page - until then, you'll just have to deal with me being all talky-like.

Chances are, if you're here, it's because I already know you and wanted to share something. Otherwise, you maybe stumbled here through a link, or when you were searching for fiction online, or just out of random happenstance. Whatever brings us together, just let me say, welcome! I hope you find a few things you like here.

If you're new here, you might start by looking at some of my serial fiction, like Ephemera or Naia's Tower. There's projects in various stages of completion scattered around, and I welcome readers and input at any stage of the project. I crave feedback of all sorts, so if you've got some thoughts you think worth sharing, I'm just one click away by e-mail - that happy little 'Contact' link up there will open up a line straight to my inbox.

That's probably enough of an orientation for now. Welcome to the Scribblery - I hope you like what you find!